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being gay is NOT a choice. it is a game and I am winning.

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those stats are off, it said chickens lived for eight years when a few of mine have lived for 10+!

crazy!! in which case it makes it even more horrible wow. whats it like having chickens do u bond w/ them?? do u hug ur chickens??

hey when i post stuff about being vegetarian and boycotting meat products i dont mean to demean anyone who works in farming like i know that farming is incredibly hard work and i do think that many farmers probably have a better appreciation/connection to animals than i do but i also just cant accept eating animals when i dont have to, it just doesnt line up with what i value

that 'unnatural lifespan' you just reblogged is a load of bullshit. none of those statistics are true! My whole family is in farming and abattoir work. first of all those life spans are so off its not funny. Plus the animals, especially cattle have a prime life, they literally get to graze pastures their whole lives, thats all they want! dairy cows do not get killed at 4 years either! besides do you think your pity party for those animals is going to stop them getting killed? lol

ok! clearly i need 2 research this but also i don’t think im really gonna believe a random anon either?? I dunno u just seem like a super defensive bitter person and im not down to eat animals no matter what their life span tbh.

i’ve had my jeans for 2 months and i almost have a hole in the groin already i can’t believe it what have i been doing how could i ruin them so quickly???


People often don’t eat veal because it is a baby animal…

But they are all just babies. 

More than 25 feminist women’s refuges in NSW have lost their government funding, with their buildings being handed over to religious or other charities. Many shelters will no longer focus on providing specialist services for domestic violence victims. And the attack on services for Aboriginal communities has been especially savage.


a japanese company is about to start selling eye glasses based on type design.

this is a dream come true.


sincerity rules


I never thought I would be a person with an FAQ until I did start to get the same questions every single day, so here we are, a mass post about journals, to answer every single question I’ve ever received…


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today was a good day
it wasn’t nearly as bad going back to uni as I expected
one of the subjects I’m doing is really cool!!
plus I made myself a really yum lunch (and I have leftovers for tomorrow woo)
yeah, today was good

i lied about my voice guys… it doesn’t sound hot. it keeps breaking it sounds like im going through puberty. i just wanted to put a positive spin on me being sick.