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a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature

bonerhouse- im turning 15 actually…

mean and green

bonerhouse- feb 4th is my birthday!!! oh my gosh that’s so radical. u guys can come and participate in my birthday celebrations :))

bonerhouse replied to your photoset “my hair is too long and im still iffy about the colour but damn i look…”

i’m so in love with u help


my hair is too long and im still iffy about the colour but damn i look cute anyway

use code names like raddish, cornbeef and parsnip yo. for ur hearts thing?

this sounds like its the beginning of a soup recipe. im definitely not subtle enough for this to work, ppl would know instantly what i was on about. its 4 the best, i dont think i wanna splash my messy teen love life all over this website again.


So I’m behind on my rent by two weeks - that’s 350$. I also have a 366$ electricity bill due next Tuesday. I was hoping to use my Centrelink pay to cover these, but as of yesterday they have suspended my payments to review my eligibility to continue receiving my student payment and I don’t know when that will be sorted so until then, I’m relying on my 7 hours of work a week.

I am starting a new job soon so hopefully my future will be a little bit more stable but right now I need help.

Pls donate if you can or reblog.

What's got your heart doing the thing?

everyone ive ever done anything vaguely romantic/sexual with since highschool follows me on tumblr so sorry hombre its too weird 2 discuss 


david duchovny doesn’t know what frogs are


if you reblog that “it’s 2014, if you dont like sex ur weird” post i immediately trust you less tbh

you can stand with girls who are shamed for liking/having sex without pissing on people who don’t

perilousseas replied to your post: my hair looks so bad!! ah well imma bu…

just shave it all off it’s the only way

dont tempt me claire…

my hair looks so bad!! ah well imma buy some gummi bears and soak them in alcohol so its all gonna be all alright


trying something new out

sounds best with headphones


messy bathroom messy life